How To Turn Your Side Hustle Into Your Main Hustle

Side Hustling takes time to grow. Most side hustlers don’t just have one source of income.

It’s a variety of income streams that all add up to your income. Having a variety of income streams is ideal because if one of them dries up, you have other income streams to back it up.

However, having too many income streams can get you distracted and have a bunch of mediocre income streams instead of a few meaningful income streams.

There are plenty of side hustlers who want to turn what they do on the side into their main hustle. Here are some strategies you can utilize to make that happen…

#1: Build Up Multiple Streams Of Income

The more income streams you have, the more you can weather the storms. Too many people only have their job as their source of income. If that disappears, so does all of their income.

Multiple streams of income protects you from that fate and helps you turn your side hustle work into your main hustle.

#2: Identify The Income Streams With The Most Potential

As you build up more income streams, you’ll have to choose which ones you focus on the most.

If Income Stream A has the potential to make you 10X the money than Income Stream B, then you should put more of your time towards Income Stream A.

You can still put time towards Income Stream B, but understand that Income Stream A has more potential. Spend your time accordingly.

#3: Cut Down On Expenses

One reason why some people haven’t turned their side hustle into their main hustle is because of their expenses.

There are a variety of ways to cut down on expenses from getting rid of most monthly subscriptions to buying a multifamily property and having tenants effectively pay your mortgage.

The more you cut down on expenses and save/invest what you make, the easier it is to turn your side hustle into your main hustle.

If you can reduce all of your expenses from $5,000/mo to $4,000/mo, you’ve lowered the barrier you have to jump over to turn your side hustle into your main hustle.

#4: Grind It Out

The first three strategies are about working smart. But you still have to work hard.

This is where you have to grind it out. No matter how brilliant your plan is, you can’t sidestep the work.

Find time in your day to put in the work. The bookends present two great opportunities…before everyone else wakes up and after everyone else goes to bed.

The best strategy for my productivity has been writing down every task I want to do the night before. That way, I wake up each day with a plan rather than conducting my life and work on the fly.

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