3 Side Hustles For Long-Term Growth

Side hustles come in a variety of forms. Some promise you the quick buck and don’t require too much work to see some results.

Other side hustles take more time but can yield sizable gains if you have a long-term perspective.

It’s important to have a mix of side hustles you can go to for quick cash and side hustles where you may not make much money now but there’s plenty of money to be made a few months or even years from now.

If you want meaningful income growth over the long-term and are willing to wait a bit, these are 3 side hustles you should pursue…

#1: Start A YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the best platforms to create content on. Not only does the YouTube algorithm help you grow your audience, but video is the most engaging form of content.

You can very quickly get people to know, like, and trust you.

Blog posts like this one are also great, but a blog post is skimmable. YouTube videos are also skimmable, but you have to actively skim the video while listening to and seeing the YouTuber.

Skimming a blog post happens more unconsciously with a scroll of the mouse.

The long-term play comes when you grow your YouTube channel and start to get new customers. You can also make money from the AdSense revenue, but you’ll make far more money selling a product or service to your audience than through the AdSense revenue.

#2: Host A Podcast

A podcast is another great platform for making $1,000 and beyond. For most people, podcasting is a long-term play because they focus on listener growth and sponsors.

However, you can drastically speed up the amount of time it takes to make money podcasting by strategically interviewing the right guests.

Some of my guests have become clients, JV partners, and collaborators. The way you approach each relationship determines what you get out of it.

I go into each conversation expecting nothing in return. That way, I still have great conversations, learn from the best, and then if someone wants to proceed with one of my products or services, I’m all for it.

#3: Self-Publish KDP Books

Amazon is the dominant player in the self-publishing space, and you can make money on their platform by publishing books.

If you price your Kindle book at $2.99, you’ll make about $2 per book sale. However, the magic comes with how you leverage your book.

If you have a product or service that ties in with your book, mention it. Some of my readers have turned into clients because I mention an offer in each book.

It’s more common for a reader to become an email subscriber because I share a freebie on the first page of the book that requires an email address.

While it’s possible to make $1,000+ each month through the book royalties, there’s far more potential when you turn your book into a lead generator that boosts your authority, helps you get more speaking gigs, and grants you with other perks.

If you commit to any of these three side hustles for 6-12 months and continue learning, applying, and taking massive action, you can get it up to $1,000+/mo with massive upside potential.

Some people just use ONE of those 3 side hustles to make 6-figures and above.

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